April 25, 2016

2nd Year Physics Guess Paper & And Important Questions

2nd Year Physics Guess Paper & And Important Questions
Important Long Question Physics For 2nd Year: 

Chapter 12:
1->>> Gauss’s law and (its prove)
2->>> Application of the Gauss’s law (spherical charged shell,
           infinite sheet of charges, two oppositively charged plates)
3->>> Factors effecting on the capacitance of the capacitor
4->>> Electric Flux
5->>> Capacitors (in series and parallel)
6->>> Coulumb’s law

Chapter 13:
1->>> Resistivity
2->>> Temperature coefficient
3->>> e.m.f with its derivation
4->>> Resistance (in series and parallel)
5->>> Ohm’s law with its limitation

Chapter 14:
1->>> F=Bsintheta
2->>> JJ Thomson’s Experiment
3->>> Derivation for B, A.C generator
4->>> Laws of electromagnetic induction
5->>> Mutual Induction
6->>> Self Induction
7->>> Ampere’s circular law with ots application
8->>> Lenz’s law
9->>> Magnetic flux
10->>> Motional e.m.f
11->>> F=qvB
12->>> Power loss in transformer

Chapter 15:
1->>> Galvanometer
2->>> Ammeter and Voltmeter
3->>> Factors effecting on the sensitivity of the galvanometer
4->>> Voltmeter
5->>> Wheat stone bridge
6->>> Construction and working of galvanometer

Chapter 16:
1->>> Diode as a rectifier
2->>> P type, n type
3->>> Semi conductor
4->>> Forward bias, Reversed bias
5->>> Band theory

Chapter 17:
1->>> Compton effect
2->>> Theory of relativity with its consequence
3->>> Einstien results for the photo electric equation

Chapter 18:
1->>> Derivation of enrgy level diagram
2->>> Bohr’s X-ray production
3->>> Laser, ruby laser

Chapter 19:
1->>> Exponential equation of the radioactive decay
2->>> Law of radioactive decay
3->>> Half life
4->>> Fission and fusion
5->>> Nuclear reactor
6->>>Mass defect
7->>> Binding Energy

Chapter 20:
1->>> Geiger mular counter

Important Short Question Physics For 2nd Year:    

  • Chapter#12

short Questions:
Example:12.6 Page 27.
Page Number 16 Last line Short Question.

  •  Chapter#13

Short Question:
Kirchoff's first rule,13.2, 13.4, 13.5, 13.6, 13.8

  •  Chapter#14

Short questions:

  • Chapter&#15

Short Questions:

  • Chapter#16

Short Questions:
18.2, 18.4, 18.6, 18.7, 18.8

Best Of luck students.
 Follow these Questions and get 100% marks.

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