April 29, 2016

How to Get Approved Google Adsense Account in Pakistan 2016

How to Get Approved Google Adsense Account in Pakistan 2016

Most of the Pakistani website/blog owners are found hardworking, skillful and as well as professional who devote day and night for the improvement of sites/blogs but they become very disappointed when they apply for Google adsense and their application is being rejected saying that “your site does not comply with our policies” or “your site doesn’t have sufficient/quality content” to get approve in adsense program. Sometime it does also happen Google approved adsense account and then disabled after few days.

The major cause of rejection of Google adsense account in the countries like Pakistan and India is that there are countless spammers in Pakistan who designs the website only for the purpose of Google adsense account and then they sell this website to others. Initially the adsense account runs well on these kinds of websites but as soon as the tools of adsense such as “Panda” point out the mistakes and quality less /copy wright material on the website then Google immediate disable the said account and declare website blacklisted. Don’t to forget that Google Adsense is multimillion program which is getting popular with every passing minute and the team working behind it is skillful and multitalented so you cannot cheat them at all moreover 

Never Purchase Google Adsense Account in Pakistan:
Remember Google adsense account is free of cost program offered by the Google online company which needs some requirements. If you fully follow the instructions and policies of adsense and manage the website as per TOR issued by Google then there is no reason your website/blog rejected Meanwhile the business of selling of Google adsense account is getting common in Pakistan. What these people do? They create blogs and put some qualitative contents taken from famous directories such as ezinearticles.com or Goarticles.com and apply for adsense thus they get approved by the adsense and they sell it to others for thousands of rupees. In early days this adsense account works and shows your earning regularly but soon this account gets disabled. Therefore our topic although is How to Get Approved Google Adsense Account in Pakistan but we feel compulsory to intimate the people that they should never purchase Google adsense account in Pakistan by any means because it will nothing without wastage of your precious times. Now we are going to share with our valued visitors that how they can get approved adsense account in Pakistan with our tips and instructions given below:

  • The first thing is that you should purchase a high level domain from reputable web hosted companies such hostgator.com or Godaddy.com
  • The material of your website/blog should be qualitative, oriented and as well as targeted in case of low quality content of your website/blog you might not be granted with adsense account. 
  • The design of your blog/website should be excellent especially the portion of navigation should be clear and easy to watch for readers.
  • The theme you have installed on your website should be premium instead of free theme because it will show your intentions that how much you are serious to earn online especially with adsense.
  • If you want to earn with free blogging then there is no alternative to bloggers.com which is owned by the Google and they prefer the blog comes from bloggers instead of wordpress or other platform.
  •  As per requirement of the Google policy the age of your website/blog should be 6 months at least. The main reason is that your site gets named and quality in popular search engines in six month so when you apply for adsense they manage to give account with ease.
  • Sometime owner of website make big mistake such as they apply account with different name and address while their site is registered with other name and address. It is strongly recommended that you should register your domain on your personal name and address and also provide the same details while you are going to apply for account.
  • The traffic of your website should be at least 300 to 400 unique visitors daily. It has been said that Google adsense dons’t require traffic! How it could be possible as they are earning for traffic so as per traffic requirement your site should be receiving between 300 to 400 visitors at least. Moreover the traffic of your site should be organic as Google hates paid traffic. Google has not issue with referral traffic but the majority of the traffic should be from search engines for the getting approval. 
  • There is possibility that you might not get approval at first attempt in Pakistan in that case you should apply after at least 4 to 5 days and you should remove all the errors pointed out by the approving team. 
  • Read all the terms and conditions including policies of Google Adsense although it takes the full day.

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