April 29, 2016

How to Make Money with Google Adsense 2016

How to Make Money with Google Adsense 2016

In these days online business is considered reliable, profitable and secured. There are plenty of ways to earn online with different available sources. Earn money with Google Adsense is also the reliable and trusted way to earn handsome amount. There is no doubt that adsense is incredible earning source but majority of the people don’t have awareness why and how adsense pays you? Therefore some fraudulent people are making fool to innocent ones. That is way we have brought this post to aware and guide the people about how to make money with Google Adsense

How to Make Money with Google Adsense 2016

What is Google Adsense?
Well Google adsense is the best and highest Pay Per Click (PPC) network that was introduced by the Google Search Engine and was launched on 18th of June 2003. It was originally designed to help the owner of websites/bloggers to monetize the site material. Initially the performance of adsense was not good at all as it is today and with the passage of time due to development of adsense it has placed highest profitable business in the world. Millions in fact trillions of people across the world are earning huge amount with adsense because it gives you power to empower yourself and as well as family. There are several ways to earn potential money with Google adsense but Adsense for Content is the best and common way in which millions of people are earning successfully over the years. The question is that how Google pays the website’s owner and how much? Actually Google provides adsense account to the quality and original websites thus it allows to the owners of the approved website to put advertisement on the site and whenever a visitors comes to specific website and click on the ads powered by Google adsense, you earn money. Checkout here how to get approved Google adsense account.

How to Start Earning with Google Adsense:

How to Make Money with Google Adsense 2016

If you are really serious and conscious to start money with Google adsense then the first thing is that you will have to start a website or blog (Free of cost). Google prefers the blog coming out from bloggers.com. Well we would like to share with you that if have planned to earn money for long term with adsense then you should start paid website and the best platform for making good looking and well-designed website is WordPress. The first thing is that you should spend some days that how and what kind of website should you start? When you have made your mind then consult with trustable and best webhost services provider, register your unique domain name and start to work on it. Remember Google Adsense likes quality and fresh contents therefore it is strongly recommended that the quality of your content should be exceptional and make sure you have not copied the content or even a paragraph from any other website or blog because Google only will accept your website for their program if it is qualitative and well designed

How Will Google Considered Your Site for Adsense:

You will be always welcomed by the adsense if you have been successful to create a website with quality content and premier theme because adsense has clear & transparent policy for publishers. But in recent few years Google has made very strict policies for Asian countries especially for Pakistanis and Indian publishers because they find many scammers in this region that is why they had to strict but it doesn’t mean they will not award you Google adsense account. In some cases newbies are not able to get approved by the adsense and they disappoint but not to worry you can try Best Alternatives to Google Adsense for some time meanwhile you site get ranked and standard. So if you are sincere to earn serious money with adsense then you must have to follow the instructions give below............

  1. Manage to create top level domain name website because blogspot.com is not good idea for long term earning with adsense.
  2.  Choose wordpress platform because it easy to use and SEO friendly. 
  3. Install necessary plugins for wordpress. 
  4. Install premier theme on website to show your concentration towards earning. 
  5. Post round about 60 quality/original/un-copied contents. 
  6. The age of your site should at least 6 months. 
  7. The design of your website should be easy for readers and navigation bar should also be cleared. 
  8. Make sure you have done all SEO work properly. 
  9. At least 300 to 400 original and organic traffic because Google hates paid and traffic comes from other illegal sources.
  10.  Make the habit to think positive all the time because negative mind will be ended to disabled account. 
  11. Keep updating your website with fresh content.
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